Moving 5-Minute Documentary Shot in 4K on New iPhone 6s Plus

If you’re wondering about the quality of the camera in the new iPhone 6s Plus, you can view a 5-minute documentary (embedded below) that was filmed entirely with the new phone. Posted on Ryot and filmed in 4K, it gives you a good sense for the power of the iPhone 6s Plus camera. Titled The Painter of Jalouzi, the film shows how an impoverished community in Haiti is being transformed through one man’s vision of bringing color to the village. He involves the whole community in painting the drab brick buildings with bright colors.

The post on Ryot quotes David Darg, one of the filmmakers (and a co-founder of Ryot) on his experience using the iPhone 6s Plus camera:

“When we look at the film now, even WE are surprised at how good it came out considering it was shot on, well, a telephone.” Darg says, laughing. “In a relatively short amount of time, we went from terrible pixelated phone photos, to this, which is just as good as cameras that cost tens of thousands of dollars.”



Behind the Scene